Craft Scientific is a:

  • Designer of new and renovated labs
  • Supplier of quality lab furnishings and equipment
  • Installer of lab furnishings and equipment
  • Service provider for hoods
  • a proud Canadian Company, lffl

Craft Scientific offers a one stop laboratory solution, from total furnishings to all common lab equipment. Whether we are installing your lab counters and hoods into your new lab, or simply renovating your older lab, we provide reliable high quality workmanship at a reasonable cost.

Craft Scientific has been involved with a wide variety of installations, ranging from universities to private labs. Our management has over 50 years in the lab industry, and can understand your unique needs.

Craft Scientific offers in-house Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication Service where high quality welds are required. We offer precision engineered welding to very high standards for both ferrous or non-ferrous metals! Our welding and fabrication services meets today’s High Standards. Craft Scientific is capable of modifications to any Equipment or any Laboratory:

  • On small to large projectsOn brand-new labs or renovations
  • On various gauge Stainless Steels
  • On critical piping to A.S.M.E. code
  • On sanitary welding for clean rooms
  • For all industries, including Medical, Research, Brewery, Dairy and Food Service

Craft Scientific is experienced with the important standards that Canadian Labs typically adhere to. Here are some useful sites that the prospective lab equipment buyer can visit:


1.ASHRAE Fume Hood Testing

2.NSF for Biosafety Cabinetry/Laminar Flow Hoods 

3.USP requirements for Cleanrooms USP INFORMATION


4.ISO 14644-1 standards for cleanrooms ISO INFORMATION


5.SEFA standards for scientific Equipment and furniture SEFA INFORMATION


6.Worksafe BC has general requirements for fume hoods and ventilation systems 


7.CSA states that fumehoods must meet minimum design criteria outlined in CSA Z316.5-94